The Town of Banff is just 4 square kilometres, so it’s really easy to get around by walking, biking or taking Roam Public Transit.

We welcome 4 million visitors a year, so parking is at a premium, especially in the summer. Use this tool to help find parking in town so you can get out of your car and explore.

Select your vehicle type at the top – car, motorhome/RV or bike – and find a place to park on the map. Certain lots show the number of available stalls.

All public parking is free, but parking spaces have time limits that are strictly enforced. Check parking signs for details, because we don't paint our curbs yellow to indicate where you can't park. The only place you’ll see curb paint is by the fire hall, where the 'no parking' area is indicated with red paint.

All town parking lots are within, at most, an easy 10-minute walk to downtown Banff.

Official Town of Banff Parking Web Application
Please don’t browse and drive